What Why Trackback In WordPress

Recently while viewing our Facebook page, we saw one of our users asking question on SEO and other tricks. One of our recent questions were on trackbacks.
Recently we do received some comments on our posts with tag like [Trackback]. I’m not even sure if they are a good thing or a bad thing. If I approve them, do I also need to put a nofollow on them?” In this article, we will explain to you what is trackback. Then we will show you how to disable trackbacks in WordPress.

Lets work out on this a little bit and understand the same.

What is a Trackback?

Trackbacks give bloggers the ability to communicate between websites. Its almost like one person saying to another “This is something you may be interested in”. The best way to think about this is a Youtube Response video. So for example:

What Why Trackback In WordPress

– We write a post on our blog.
– You want to comment on our post, but you want your own readers to see what you have to say and able to comment on it.
– You will then write a post on your blog and send a trackback to our blog post.
– We will receive your trackback, and choose to display it as a comment or not. The comment display will be a title, excerpt and a link to your blog post.

How to Disable Trackbacks.

If you are tired of getting spammy trackbacks, then there is an option for you to disable them entirely. First go to Settings » Discussion. Uncheck “Allow link notifications from other blogs (trackbacks)”


Unchecking that box will only disable trackbacks for future posts (not existing posts). So to do that, you must follow our tutorial on how to disable trackbacks on existing WordPress posts.